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Trim Tapes,Sky Blue

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RUB778.08   (JPY1,361)
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  • Азия (Registered Air): RUB428.77
  • Океания, Северная Америка, Центральная Америка, Ближний Восток (Registered Air): RUB548.83
  • Европа (Registered Air): RUB548.83
  • Южная Америка, Африка (Registered SAL): RUB623.15
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  • Code: 20837
  • Японский: スーパーポリッシングクロス (TT23)
  • JAN: 0005366000190, 0722646002308, 4967834712232
  • Вес товара: 0.041кг
  • Размер упаковки: 0cm x 24cm x 10cm
  • Производитель: Hasegawa

This is One Master Roll of Trim Tape (Sky Blue) from Pactra. / / FEATURES: Custom striping and detailing for R/C cars, planes, boats, rockets, / all plastic models, and decorative crafts. / Made from an ultra thin, colored, high tech film with a fuel / resistant clear permanent self-adhesive. / When rubbed down on a clean surface, it's highly resistant to peeling / and creeping. / Can be used around complex or tight curves without lifting or / shrinking. / Very light weight. / Use inside on clear, or outside on opaque surfaces. / The master roll includes 8 different widths of stripes. / / INCLUDES: One Roll of Trim Tape (Sky Blue) / / REQUIRES: Clean Surface / / SPECS: Roll Length: 72"" / Approx. Widths: 1/32"

* Pactra Trim Tapes Sky Blue - TT23

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