supercell feat. Hatsune Miku World Is Mine [Brown Frame (1 / 8 scale pre-painted PVC Finished) Vocaloid : PLAMOYA
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supercell feat. Hatsune Miku World Is Mine [Brown Frame (1 / 8 scale pre-painted PVC Finished)

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  • Code: 4832
  • Японский: supercell feat. 初音ミク ワールドイズマイン [ブラウンフレーム] (1/8スケールPVC塗装済み完成品)
  • JAN: 0602130628262, 4582191965260
  • Вес товара: 1.101кг
  • Размер упаковки: 14cm x 28cm x 27cm
  • Производитель: Good Smile Company
  • Дата выпуска: Суббота 12 Декабрь, 2009

The best princess in the world.
From supercell's beautiful PV 'World is Mine', with music composed by ryo and graphical designs by redjustice, comes this regal figure of 'Princess' Miku.She has been sculpted in an identical pose to the original illustration - her charming eyes gazing deeply ahead, as she lies relaxed on a comfortable bed with her cute, yet selfish expression suiting her pose perfectly.
# As a new idea to bring a new sense of interior design to figures, the stand has been created as a frame, allowing you to display her in a range of new ways! Besides displaying the figure simply by itself, you can now also use the frame to display her as a wall-mounted decoration, or a leaning ornament. The frame comes in two colors, 'Brown' and 'Natural', allowing you to pick the color that suits your room best!approximately 220mm in height (with stand) 180mm (without stand)

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5  Воскресенье 14 Октябрь, 2018
от Jorge  Spain  

Great detail at a decent price. Super easy to mount on a wall with just about any screw. Miku holds against the frame through completely concealed magnets that don't compromise aesthetics. Important to know that the brown frame is way lighter than the one on the store's image (see attachment). So that one must be something like "dark brown" instead.

5  Пятница 15 Август, 2014
от Howie  Singapore  

This has to be one of the best Miku out there. I have always been a fan of Iwanaga Sakurako for details in her work and the slender streamline of female figurines. That sinister look on her face is satisfying with her relaxed pose on the seemingly deceptive cushion and wooden frame. I would expect the cushion to be soft to the touch and the wooden frame... to be wooden. Turned out to be plastics in disguise. Applauds for making such a lively figurine and superb frame. She is now very alive and smiling on my well lited display shelf to bring out the beauty and texture of that 'soft' bedding. She now ranks in my top prized possession. A must for all Miku fans.

5  Суббота 05 Апрель, 2014
от Hasken  Russia  

Стал счастливым обладателем этой фигурки. В ней идеально все: композиция, детализация, качество. Настоящая принцесса! На мой взгляд одна из лучших фигурок Мику.

5  Пятница 12 Апрель, 2013
от Manuel  Austria  

Very well made figurine.
I'm very satisfied with it (^__^)

5  Вторник 23 Август, 2011
от Diegoron  Germany  

This Miku Hatsune figure, sculpted by Ishinaga Sakurako and manufactured by Good Smile Company, is based on an illustration by redjuice for ryo's famous song "World is Mine (ワールドイズマイン)".
It is the first figure from Good Smile Company I ever bought, therefore I did not know how the
quality would be, but now I am convinced they did a really good job...except for the frame of
the base which I will refer to later.
In a nutshell the figure itself is very detailed, well painted and her look is just adorable...she really looks like a princess! :P
You can attach and detach her easily to the base thanks to magnets within Miku's body and the base. The base looks like a bed for Miku to rest with rose petals and Miku's headphones lying on it.
Unfortunately the brown frame does not look as wooden as in the preview, rather like cheap painted plastic.
But that's the only thing I have to complain about.
The coolest thing about the base is, that you can hang it to your walls or set it up just like a picture frame, one
of the most interesting and probably the most unique feature I have seen by far.
In the end all I can say is: Don't miss this beautiful piece of art, especially if you like Miku Hatsune...this figure is definetely worth its price!^^

5  Вторник 16 Август, 2011
от Stefan  Germany  

She looks sooooo good! ;)

5  Среда 31 Март, 2010
от Yu-chan  Russia  

Очень красивая и необычная фигурка. Идея с рамкой на мой взгляд интересна и хороша. Мику как всегда очаровательна, понравилось выражение её лица и волосы. Одна из самых любимых мною фигурок.

5  Пятница 05 Март, 2010
от motaku96  United States  

The Hatsune Miku World is Mine figure from Good Smile Company is one of my favorite figures. The figure's pose is really great. And the sculpting is top notch. What sets this figure apart from others is it's very unique base. The picture frame on which she rests is very dynamic and well designed. Miku, herself, can be removed from the base easily enough whenever you want. She sticks to the base with what I believe is a magnet. The rose petals and headphones are a nice touch. You can stand it up or hang it on a wall. Probably the most interesting base you'll ever see for a figure. As for color choice, I think the brown frame looks a lot nicer than the natural frame but that's just my personal opinion.

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