Review by Sara Angelica : Sega Medaka Box: Misogi Kumagawa High Grade Figure
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Sega Medaka Box: Misogi Kumagawa High Grade Figure

Sega Medaka Box: Misogi Kumagawa High Grade Figure

4  Четверг 16 Февраль, 2017
от Sara Angelica  Philippines  

Okay so first, when I finally FOUND this guy, I was ecstatic because finding him these days is really difficult. When he arrived he was well-packaged and I had no doubt of the care that went into making sure he arrived safely.

However, being the Minus he is, there are bound to be some flaws. They aren't too distracting and can even be considered normal-- it's just slightly disappointing considering how much he cost (Then again, Kumagawa never does what the world wants and vice versa).

The first thing to go wrong on a figure is the paint job, and you can see that the color of his collar isn't very sharp and seeps out of its territory. There is also some damage at the tips of his hair where it whitens and becomes rough. And he's short. All of my other figures are taller than him, even the ones that aren't in his size range, though that could be in order to stay true to the character- Kumagawa Misogi is a rather short man. Almost everyone else in the series beats him in height (what else is new?)

On the good side though, his face is perfect, the folds of his uniform are gorgeous, and his signature screws look hella cool. Seriously.

Kumagawa Misogi is the paragon of the Minus but he's no minus to my collection-

I adore him!

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