Review by Leo : Ninja Gaiden Rachel PVC Statue Scale 1/6
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Ninja Gaiden Rachel PVC Statue Scale 1/6

Ninja Gaiden Rachel PVC Statue Scale 1/6

5  Четверг 10 Март, 2016

This Rachel figure is one of the very best figures that I have in my entire collection of Japanese toys. I was extremely lucky enough to be at my local toy store many years ago when it was first released. The ironic thing is that it was very cheap at the time because anime figures were not as popular as they are now. The retail price for it was around $50 or $60. Nowadays, anime figures similar to this one cost twice as much. I am so grateful that I had found it at the time, because it is very hard to find in new condition, and very expensive. Even if you are not a fan of the ninja gaiden video game, you absolutely MUST buy this figure. She is 12 inches tall, making her larger than most average figures. Every part of her is highly detailed, every lace in her cloths, every button, every spike on her shoulder armor. Every part is well crafted allowing you to see fine intricate details. Her battle axe is extremely large and looks as if it could literally slice someone in half. There are a total of 4 figures as part of this release. Rachel, Ryu, Ayane, and Kureha. I suggest that you skip/ignore the other 3 and only focus on this Rachel, as she is the best one out of the 4. I had the Ryu figure, but after displaying him for a few months, I tossed him away into a storage closet. Rachel still proudly stands on the very top of my display case many years after I purchased her !!! Here is a quick video showing exactly how the entire figure looks =

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