Review by whoami : Yamaha YZF750 Tech21 Racing Team 1987 Suzuka 8-hours Endurance Race (Model Car)
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Yamaha YZF750 Tech21 Racing Team 1987 Suzuka 8-hours Endurance Race (Model Car)

Yamaha YZF750 Tech21 Racing Team 1987 Suzuka 8-hours Endurance Race (Model Car)

5  Суббота 20 Февраль, 2016
от whoami  Canada  

In 2012, Fujimi Mokei released this exhilarating kit of the actual 6-speed 749cc superbike that Martin Wimmer & Kevin Magee rode to the podium in the 1987 Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race.

Out of the box, the kit is meticulously detailed to the point that even the brake discs holes were factory-drilled. Parts in medium gray, white, black & clear. Black & clear pipings. Some parts too fragile. Some holes needed drilling. Minor mold lines. Tension spring for rear suspension. No screws, nuts & bolts, but a few brass rods for the wheel axises & swing arm (rear fork). Waterslide decals too easy to break. Multi-lingual instructions. Good packaging. No part trees scratching against each other.

Must-haves: side cutter, wet sand papers, tweezers, plastic cement, decal softener, spray cans of a very light blue for the chassis, medium blue for the wheels & front wheel well, & silver for the frame & engine. Paint brushes & bottles of acrylic black, white & metallic black.

Nice-to-haves: putty, airbrush, compressor, respirator, spray booth with filter & fan, instant glue, magnifier, paints (black, white, silver, gold, metallic blue, clear red & yellow, matt, glossy & semi-glossy varnishes or bases to mix with paints), gray & black primers, thinner, a glossy top coat, a cutting mat, silver Baremetal foil for the upper front fork, & a sheet of photo-etched hood pins.

Flaws: Some parts were too fragile. Decals broke apart too easily (Fujimi's new car decals are much hardier). No pegs for the pipings in the brake calipers & fuel tank. Fuel tank & seat are too loose. Wheel axis rods can fall out. Tamiya got it right with screws. Inconsistent color schemes in the stock photo & box art. The actual superbike had lighter blue on the body & lighter purple or blue on the wheels. The 2 specialist paints may only be available in Japan. Google "YZF750 Tech21" for the color references.

plamoya, domo.

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