Review by Silvester : Revoltech Series No.125 Shimazu Toyohisa
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Revoltech Series No.125 Shimazu Toyohisa

Revoltech Series No.125 Shimazu Toyohisa

5  Суббота 23 Май, 2015
от Silvester  India  

the eye moving gimmick, eye line can be set at will. It can change the direction of eyes to match the action.
Nodachi of elongated, drawn sword from the sheath.Sheath holding the hand of the sword is attached. Kumite armor surgery, including the hit action in the sheath can be reproduced.Short tube is attached. Of course, gun action you can enjoy a double errand with Nodachi.
- Moving parts: all 22 points
- All nineteen joint number of uses: 10mm × 5,8 mm joint joint × 6,6 mm × 2,4 mm joint joint × 6
- Accessories: Replacement wrist × 6, exchange face × 1, (long) × 1, Nodachi sheath × 1, short tube × 1, (short) × 1, short tube connecting parts × 1 Nodachi Nodachi, ribonucleic container × 1, display stand set × 1, × 1 base effect
you can move freely and can give variety of poses without any difficulty..

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