Review by Lindsy : Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu [Exceed a Generation Vol.1] (Set of 8)
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Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu [Exceed a Generation Vol.1] (Set of 8)

Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu [Exceed a Generation Vol.1] (Set of 8)

3  Вторник 05 Август, 2014
от Lindsy  United States  

While I found the quality of the figures themselves acceptable (they are trading figures after all), there was another failry important issue that I would like to bring up before I review the figures themselves. My primary issue is that the listing on the website is inaccurate (Or a more appropriate wording, too vague). You get eight figures, not seven, and they are all random. I got three Sigurd figures (The one with the blue hair and cape), two Fury figures (green haired woman in white armor), and two Ares figures (Blonde man in red clothing), and one Levin (Green haired man in blue cape). I didn't even get the basic normal set featured in the picture, I am missing Tiltu (Grey haired lady) and Sylvia (Green haired dancer). I also did not get Ayra(Black haired swordwoman), but she was the secret figure in the set and I figured there was a chance I wasn't going to get her anyway. My main confusion stems from previous experience, as the sets like this that I have ordered in the past were complete sets, not random. The title of the listing also seemed to imply I was getting a set of six, which is the number of unique figures in the set, where I got eight seemingly random figurines.

Anyway, aside from my misunderstanding, the package came undamaged and seems to be an unopened display case, however I found some of the boxes open, but this may be from the glue deteriorating, as they were released in 2006. There was also some extra tape sealing the display case shut, but it did not appear to be opened. (no damage to the white covering on the cardboard)

The figures themselves came also undamaged, but they do require mild assembly. I personally reccomend using a very small amount of glue to hold some things in place, as several of the pegs in the figures are smply not deep enough. For instance, Sigurd's figure is assembled with a peg at his waist, making his legs and torso seperate. The peg coming up from the leg piece is too short, and often the top half of his body will fall at the slightest provocation or bump. There is also the issue of Sigurds sword, the peg there is also too short, and it will often fall out of his hand.
Another troubled figure is Fury, while she is much more sturdy than Sigurd (mainly coming from actually being a single piece), I found the sculptors choice with how she holds the lance questionable from an assembly standpoint. The lance in the package is straight, however, with the thickness of her hair it must be forcibly bent around it to make the weapon rest in both hands. While it technically fits, the hands wear down quickly and are unable to hold the lance due to the pressure from focing it (and you do have to put some pressure to fit it between the fingers while bending it around her hair), I reccomend only haiving her hold it with one hand. This is not a minor bend of the lance, it must be bent significantly.
Levin is the least troublesome figure of the set. All one must do it place the cape on his shoulders and peg him to the base. However, he does feel top heavy, but the base that comes with him is wide enough that falling over is not an issue.
Ares is also easy to assemble, yet is also slightly top-heavy like Levin. Once again, the somewhat wide base prevents it from being a real issue.

Regardless, for those of you ordering this for a complete set, don't get your hopes up, it is completely random what you may get.

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