Review by renntako : Gundam MG 78 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.O.Y.W. 0079
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Gundam MG 78 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.O.Y.W. 0079

Gundam MG 78 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.O.Y.W. 0079

5  Среда 31 Март, 2010
от renntako  Singapore  

RX-78-2 is my first painted kit and doing it on the Gundam's 30th Anniversary with the aid of Kawaguchi Sensei definitely made it a memorable experience for me. Of course.. i do noe that this is not a perfect painted piece.. but it does meant alot for me.. its like a next level that other pple describes.. the stepping out of jus snapping kits together, the patience you need to have when you make stupid mistakes. i noe i did. *nods* haha.

Overall, the kit is simple for a Master Grade. which is why i chose this as my first painted kit. emphasizing more on the painting part than the building. although it's simple to build, the end result is clear; this kit looks the best out of all the other RX-78-2. this RX-78-2 looks more buff up compared to the others. Ver 2.0 has the original RX-78-2 where as this really looks like a battle machine. so look no further! =D

Using spray cans definitely made me wanna try airbrush.. hahahha.. becos i find that i cannot control the amt of paint that comes out.. and this caused the paint to build up too quickly.. other den drowning out the panel lines making panel lining a headache, some movements will cause the paint to chip and crack.. O heart breaking moments.

that's all for my thoughts abt this kit! hope you enjoy it as much as i have! =)

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