Review by Jonatan : Transformers: Prime: AMW05 Arms Micron Baro G
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Transformers: Prime: AMW05 Arms Micron Baro G

Transformers: Prime: AMW05 Arms Micron Baro G

4  Четверг 10 Январь, 2013
от Jonatan  Finland  

Baro G was an odd one for me. This was the first AMW figure I picked up, and what kinda got me started on this Micron-mania.

The original Baro came packaged with Skywarp, a Starscream retool who I couldn't be bothered with, but the micron seemd kinda neat, so I said to myself: "Why not, It's only a few euros."

Baros beast mode is supposadle a buffalo, although that really is a long shot. He is cast in a orangy-gold plastic, and comes with lots of stickers to give him details. The instructions show his wapon mode as a shield/shuriken, but there is a very obvious drill-mode hidden in there.

The figure has it's charms, although the odd design probably isn't for everyone. I would still recommend this figure.

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