Review by Jonatan : Transformers Prime - AMW-10 Arms Micron Zori M
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Transformers Prime - AMW-10 Arms Micron Zori M

Transformers Prime - AMW-10 Arms Micron Zori M

5  Четверг 10 Январь, 2013
от Jonatan  Finland  

Zori M is a redeco of the Zori micron who came with Arms Micron Soundwave, a figure I wated to get, but never ended up buying because I already have the PRiD Soundwave, so I was happy to see this figure released again.

The micron is cast in a dark metallic grey plastic, and has decent stickers. Being a decepticon micron, Zori has a best mode, in this case a scorpion. He transforms into... I'm not really sure what this thing is supposed to be, it looks like some kind of rifle, but also has an uncanny resemblance to Soundwaves tentacles from the show. Weird....

Non-the-less a fantastic figure which I heighly recommed picking up, even if you have AM Soundwave.

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