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Kamen Rider - Super Best Transformation Belt [DX Decadriver]

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RUB8,272.05   (JPY14,250)
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  • Азия (Registered SAL): RUB981.04
  • Океания, Северная Америка, Центральная Америка, Ближний Восток (Registered SAL): RUB1,155.19
  • Европа (Registered SAL): RUB1,155.19
  • Южная Америка, Африка (Registered SAL): RUB1,329.33
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  • Code: 48777
  • Японский: 仮面ライダー SUPERBEST 変身ベルト DXディケイドライバー
  • JAN: 0698887779500, 0787799771822, 4543112757838
  • Вес товара: 0.763кг
  • Размер упаковки: 8cm x 35cm x 27cm
  • Производитель: Bandai
  • Дата выпуска: Суббота 21 Апрель, 2012

Batteries sold separately: AAA x 2

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5  Понедельник 06 Июнь, 2016
от Shafiq  Malaysia  

I bought two dx kamen rider belt from Plamoya. One is Decade superbest and the other one is dx kamen rider drive belt. As a customer, i am happy with the price plamoya is offering to the customers. Affordable and the shipping packaging is superbbbbb

5  Пятница 17 Июль, 2015
от KHOR  Malaysia  

Received this Decadriver in very good condition with proper packing. This items works great! Thank you Plamoya! =)

5  Среда 10 Июнь, 2015
от Shafeeq Ahmad  Malaysia  

This is my very first kamen rider belt.I had a tough time searching for this belt as the belt was not available elsewhere but only at Plamoya and price wise the belt price was a blockbuster deal. The belt arrived 6 days after my order, which was super fast as i am in Malaysia. The belt is phenomenal as well as how Plamoya treated my item by carefully wrapping my item. The belt is a must have for every die hard kamen rider fan. The belt comes with 20 cards consisting 10 heisei riders and final attack ride cards. It is super fun to play with the belt and to pose with it. All the sound from the belt matches exactly and precisely from the show. Me and siblings love this belt and looking forward to get the kamen rider drive belt from Plamoya soon. HENSHIN!!! and thanks Plamoya!

5  Воскресенье 27 Июль, 2014
от Sean  United States  

This is the second time i've ordered this, this time for a gift for a friend and he loved it, the driver set it awesome and i enjoy it

5  Четверг 17 Июль, 2014
от LIEW  Brunei Darussalam  

Excellent condition! Really love the details. Thanks to Plamoya!

5  Воскресенье 14 Июль, 2013

IF YOU DONT HAVE THIS.... BUY IT NOW!! This Belt is amazing! i love all the final form rider cards and the over all sound of the belt is just sweet. It is still the same as the original Dx Decade Driver but hey who doesn't love extras! So pick it up today and for a written review please check out my review site www.vailbox.com!

5  Среда 19 Сентябрь, 2012
от Sean  United States  

Fun henshin belt, cards are a bit weird but still awesome, great purchase and looking forward for more

Показано 1 до 7 (из 7 отзывов)


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