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Gundam PG RX-78-2 Gundam Scale 1/60

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  • Code: 7354
  • Японский: PG ガンダム RX-78-2
  • JAN: 0787799954256, 4902425606255
  • Вес товара: 1.725кг
  • Размер упаковки: 12cm x 59cm x 33cm
  • Производитель: Bandai

Things don't get much better than this for Gundam fans. The kit that Bandai has produced is truly amazing. The most striking aspect is the incredible level of INNER detail. It's almost a shame to put any of the cover panels on this thing, because there is so much on the inside that a little silver and black paint will make very interesting to look at. Bandai is aware of this, and is also going to market an optional parts set for the kit that includes transparent body pieces! This is due in December, we're told. That set will also include a light-up beam saber. What can you say about this kit? Though some weapons are not included (no doubt for a later release), it's just about everything you could hope for in terms of detail and poseability. Even little actuators in some joints slide in and out like hydraulic pistons when you move them (wrists, etc.). What's more, a watch battery (CR1220) lights the eyes in the head, activated by a tiny switch on the back. Other gimmicks include wings on the core fighter which fold automatically when you tuck in the nose for docking. For a true Gundam hobbyist, there's simply no question about whether you should order this. Even if you don't plan on painting or gluing anything, you should prepare yourself for several evenings of snipping, trimming and snapping before your masterpiece will be completed. There are, after all, 626 parts on 23 runners which combine to form a model that stands nearly 31cm high and 13cm wide with 66 moving joints and 29 opening hatches. What fun!

Package size: 12.4cm x 60cm x 32.4cm
JAN: 4902425606255


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