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  • Code: 2298
  • Японский: Gundam MG インフィニットジャスティスガンダム
  • JAN: 0754295769448, 0793631412693, 0899998787013, 4543112566492
  • Вес товара: 0.854кг
  • Размер упаковки: 10cm x 41cm x 34cm
  • Производитель: Bandai
  • Дата выпуска: Суббота 25 Октябрь, 2008

There's no better justice than Infinite Justice--and Bandai does justice to the Mobile Suit with this highly anticipated Master Grade release! This sharply detailed snap-fit kit of Athrun Zala's personal Mobile Suit comes molded in color, and upon completion the mech will be fully poseable with polycapped joints that allow for posing possibilities galore. This kit introduces to the MG series a new joint system for its side skirt armor that allows you to pose Infinite Justice Gundam kicking, as seen in "Gundam Seed Destiny"! Included are a beam rifle that can be mounted on its back skirt armor, two "Super Lacerta" Beam Sabers that can combine to form a double-bladed beam weapon, and a left arm-mounted shield that stores a detachable "Shining Edge" Beam Boomerang and Grapple Stinger (a bendable wire is provided to display it in mid-deployment). Beam effect parts for the Beam Sabers, "Griffon" Beam Blades connecting the knees and feet, Beam Boomerang, and shield are provided as well.

Package size: 10cm x 41cm x 33.6cm
JAN: 4543112566492

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5  Пятница 07 Декабрь, 2012

master grade favoloso e consigliato spettacolare e dettagliato molto belle le decal incluse

4  Четверг 24 Июнь, 2010
от Enterprise  Singapore  

This kit is just awesome, been waiting a long time for bandai to release this kit. It is a must have if you love watching Seed or Seed destiny. Order yours today!

Показано 1 до 2 (из 2 отзывов)


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