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figma - Puella Magi Madoka Magica [Ultimate Madoka] (PVC & ABS Figure)

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RUB5,345.16   (JPY9,100)
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  • Азия (Registered SAL): RUB804.71
  • Океания, Северная Америка, Центральная Америка, Ближний Восток (Registered SAL): RUB933.93
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  • Code: 60784
  • Японский: figma 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ アルティメットまどか (ノンスケール ABS&PVC塗装済み可動フィギュア)
  • JAN: 0783419275206, 4545784062586
  • Вес товара: 0.46кг
  • Размер упаковки: 12cm x 22cm x 22cm
  • Производитель: Max Factory
  • Дата выпуска: Четверг 28 Март, 2013


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5  Четверг 04 Май, 2017
от Владислав  Russia  

Konichiwa recently ordered not great additions to the family

5  Воскресенье 12 Апрель, 2015
от Mizore  Mexico   T  

Todo llego muy rápido y en excelente estado, mi figura es simplemente preciosa!!!! :3

5  Суббота 07 Февраль, 2015
от SabreFlier  United Kingdom  

An excellent figure from Max Factory. This figma makes a great alternative to the 1/8 figure which is quite large. Unfortunately the figure like her bigger sister is also difficult to put together. I recommend you follow these steps.

Firstly leave the plastic wrapping on her body, they will protect her as you fit the other parts. Put the wings on first followed by the outer hair pieces and then the centre one. Next fit the hand to the bow if you intend using it. Put the figure on the stand and rip the plastic wrapping from the figure. Fit the hand for holding the arrow followed by the arrow itself. Move it out of the way and then fit the hand with the bow. You can now pose the bow and arrow to how you want it.

During this procedure be very careful not to break the wings on her feet. The figure is top heavy, however I found if the supporting plastic poles are extended at a near vertical angle, the centre of gravity will be above the base. This should reduce the risk of toppling over. The figure deserves a full 5 stars and is only beaten by the Attack On Titan figmas.

5  Суббота 07 Декабрь, 2013
от Stephanie  Australia  

Absolutely gorgeous figure, I am in LOVE! ^_^

She's quite detailed. I love that she has so many different poses and accessories. My only problem with this figure is that Madoka is too heavy for the flimsy stand she comes with. I have had to tack her down to my shelf so she won't accidentally topple off the stand and break. Excluding that small issue, this is the best figure I own!

5  Суббота 31 Август, 2013

This chip is really extremely cute. She has a lot of details and her hair is amazing. It poses very well and I can not wait to take a picture !

5  Пятница 12 Июль, 2013
от Alessio  Italy  

Great pack, is my first figma and I did not think I would have enjoyed it so much, really well done, especially with regard to the joints. Structured so as to be impressive at the expense of interchangeable pieces. Support an effort might sweat a little bit because of the weight, this will require more patience for positioning.

4  Суббота 22 Июнь, 2013
от Danilo  Italy  

Hi, i bought this figure from and i am really happy to have now it in my collection. It's a very good figure, for sculpt, colouration and joints that allow you to put Madoka as you prefer. Also have a great quantity of accessories, 5 pairs of hands and 4 arrows. If you like Madoka Kaname, and the action figures, this high quality figure, from Max Factory (one of best brand for action figure for quality) have to be present in your collection.

5  Вторник 18 Июнь, 2013

The figma is fantastic, the best i've ever seen! I'll buy other figmas from plamoya as soon as possible!

4  Вторник 04 Июнь, 2013
от Наталия  Russia  

Очень рада приобретению этой девочки! Фигурка хоть и небольшая, но такая хорошенькая, красивая и очень качественно сделана. Единственный минус - подставка неустойчива. Пришлось поменять её на более устойчивую подставочку.

Показано 1 до 9 (из 9 отзывов)


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