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New to Old Old to New Sales Rank High to Low Low to High Discount Rate

Mari Illustrious Makinami [New Plug Suit Ver.] (PVC Figure) 1/10
RUB2,902.84  RUB1,359.18
Скидка: 53%

Figure Soul Rebuild of Evangelion [Ha] Mari (PVC Figure)
RUB2,770.90  RUB1,351.85
Скидка: 51%

Customa P Evangelion Asuka
RUB4,486.21  RUB2,301.75
Скидка: 49%

RUB3,034.79  RUB1,588.26
Скидка: 48%

Evangelion: The New Movies - Nerv Official Mouse 2.22 ver.
RUB2,507.00  RUB1,319.47
Скидка: 47%

Real Action Heroes Rei Ayanami (Bandage Ver.)
RUB8,444.63  RUB4,566.24
Скидка: 46%

Ayanami Rei Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance Ver.
RUB3,958.42  RUB2,180.80
Скидка: 45%

Evangelion Reprint Nagisa Kaworu Post Card Set (6 Pieces)
RUB659.74  RUB374.46
Скидка: 43%

Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo [Eva Unit-02] Belly-Warmer
RUB1,319.47  RUB756.25
Скидка: 43%

Evangelion: Ayanami Rei Plug Suits Ver. 1/8 PVC Figure
RUB4,486.21  RUB2,748.90
Скидка: 39%

Shikinami Asuka Langley [Test Suit Ver.] (PVC Figure) 1/10
RUB2,968.82  RUB1,832.60
Скидка: 38%

Real Action Heroes Kaworu Nagisa
RUB11,083.58  RUB6,871.04
Скидка: 38%

HCM Pro EVA-00 Evangelion Unit 00
RUB2,111.16  RUB1,343.91
Скидка: 36%

Rebuild of Evangelion Unit 01 Enemy T-shirt White (M)
RUB1,913.24  RUB1,270.60
Скидка: 34%

Asuka Langley Shikinami Real Action Heroes Wave Equation
RUB11,083.58  RUB7,394.55
Скидка: 33%

Emotion Style Makinami Mari Illustrious Evangelion (PVC Figure)
RUB3,958.42  RUB2,683.54
Скидка: 32%

Rei Ayanami Customa P
RUB4,486.21  RUB3,218.05
Скидка: 28%

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Cu-poche Rei Ayanami (PVC Figure)
RUB2,770.90  RUB2,107.49
Скидка: 24%

Evangelion Unit 04 LMHG
RUB1,979.21  RUB1,511.90
Скидка: 24%

Evangelion Splendidly Unrestrained 1000pcs Jigsaw Puzzle
RUB1,979.21  RUB1,511.90
Скидка: 24%

Rebuild of Evangelion Warning T-Shirt Black (M)
RUB1,913.24  RUB1,526.56
Скидка: 20%

Rebuild of Evangelion New Cinema Version Rei T-shirt Charcoal (S)
RUB1,913.24  RUB1,526.56
Скидка: 20%

Rebuild of Evangelion Kaworu T-Shirts Black M
RUB1,913.24  RUB1,536.94
Скидка: 20%

Rebuild of Evangelion Makinami Mari Illustrious 1/6 PVC Figure
RUB5,145.95  RUB4,161.84
Скидка: 19%

Evangelion - EVA x E-No. Products - "The Spear of Longinus" Top
RUB9,896.06  RUB8,094.61
Скидка: 18%

Neon Genesis Evangelion 1/7 Scale Pre-painted Figure
RUB3,166.74  RUB2,634.67
Скидка: 17%

Evangelion 2.0: Mari Illustrious RAH 12 Action Figure
RUB11,083.58  RUB9,403.09
Скидка: 15%

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