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Attack on Titan : Levi - RAH

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RUB16,227.94   (JPY28,795)
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  • Океания, Северная Америка, Центральная Америка, Ближний Восток (EMS): RUB2,784.03
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  • Code: 94324
  • Японский: RAH(リアルアクションヒーローズ) リヴァイ (初回生産限定パーツ付)
  • JAN: 0772223580828, 0798256910937, 4530956106625
  • Вес товара: 1.4кг
  • Размер упаковки: 13cm x 36cm x 22cm
  • Производитель: Medicom Toy
  • Дата выпуска: Суббота 20 Декабрь, 2014


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5  Понедельник 19 Январь, 2015

Levi turned out awesome, I raise my glass to Medicom Toys once again. I haven't taken him out of the box yet but I was able to do a quick inspection through the box window. Rest assured his face expressions are perfect, no crooked eyeballs like Annie Leonhart. (which really pissed me off by the way) I got the first production print so he came with cleaning extras, which is a nice touch. I've set out to get all 5 of the AoT RAH line, Levi will make 3/5. I got a solid discount on Plamoya, now if they could offer the same for Sinon RAH I'll be all set :D

5  Вторник 13 Январь, 2015
от Kayne  Australia  

An excellent product by Medicom, with great attention to detail and articulation. The figure itself is massive and can almost seem doll like with its realist cloth material clothing. It comes well packaged in a large box. It even looked so good in it that I contemplated leaving him displayed in his box, but ultimately decided to take him out as I wanted to put him in his cleaning gear. Speaking of that, the first production run comes with extra parts to put him into his cleaning outfit, which is almost worth buying it for in itself.

Показано 1 до 2 (из 2 отзывов)


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