10729 1/200 Spc Shttle Orbitr w/Boosters Airplane : PLAMOYA
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10729 1/200 Spc Shttle Orbitr w/Boosters

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  • Code: 33779
  • Японский: 1/200 スペースシャトル オービター w/ブースター (29)
  • JAN: 0789264282871, 0797681850030, 0798525287043, 0899998607779, 4967834107298
  • Вес товара: 0.481кг
  • Размер упаковки: 9cm x 36cm x 20cm
  • Производитель: Hasegawa

Highly detailed 1/200 scale assembly model kit of NASA's Space Shuttle, officially called the Space Transportation System (STS). At launch, the Space Shuttle system consists of an external fuel tank, two Solid Rocket Boosters, and the orbiter. The orbiter carries astronauts and payload into low earth orbit, or upper atmosphere. When the mission is complete, the orbiter drops out of orbit and re-enters the lower atmosphere and the orbiter pilot makes a completely unpowered (deadstick) landing. NASA's Space Shuttle made its maiden launch on April 12, 1981, with the launching of the Shuttle Columbia, mission STS-1. Since then, NASA had made some 124 successful space shuttle launches, but the aging Space Transportation System seemed to have run its course, as the shuttle program is slated for retirement sometimes in 2010. This Hasegawa 1/200 scale assembly kit of the Space Shuttle comes with parts to construct the space shuttle orbiter with realistically detailed external tank and two rocket boosters. This kit features openable payload bay doors to display the orbiter's cargo, optional landing gear for the orbiter, and launching pad, which also serves as a display stand. Decals for Shuttle "Discovery", "Endeavour", and "Atlantis" included.

* Hasegawa Item#: 10729
* Precision **ASSEMBLY-REQUIRED PLASTIC MODEL KIT** with parts mounted on sprue trees
* For ages 10 and older; To avoid choking or injury, keep all model kit parts away from small children
* Assembly & painting required. Requires glue, paint, & modeling tools (not included)
* For damaged product & defective part, contact Hasegawa (217) 398-8970

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