Revoltech Series No.120 - Jehuty & Vector Cannon ANUBIS ZONE OF THE ENDERS ANIME ITEMS : PLAMOYA
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Revoltech Series No.120 - Jehuty & Vector Cannon

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€73.08   (JPY8,840)
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  • Code: 51304
  • Giapponese: リボルテックヤマグチ No.120 ジェフティ&ベクターキャノン
  • JAN: 4537807010667
  • Peso spedizione: 0.55kg.
  • Dimensioni del pacco: 17cm x 23cm x 22cm
  • Prodotto da: Kaiyodo
  • Data di invio: sabato 14 luglio, 2012



5  lunedì 01 ottobre, 2012
di Jonatan  Finland  

I'll admite, this is only my second revoltech figure, but I can still say that it is awesome. The base Jehuty figure is just a redeco of a previous one, and also does not come with the ring radar, or homing missiles of the original. The base figure stand 15 cm tall, and is packed with joints, using revoltech joints for the hips, shoulders, elbows, bases of the wings, two joints in the neck, and one in the torso. The arms also rotate at the very top of the bicep on a simple swivel joint, and the knees are hinged. Ther re also small non-ratcheting reovltech style joints on the wing covers, and on the wrists of the default hands.

The figure also comes with several accesories, a total of seven extra hands, two flat palmed hands, tow with the fingers kinda curled, two for use with the vector cannon, and one right hand that has a peg on the palm, allowing it to plug on and hold pieces with the revoltech joint sized holes. In addition you have an energy effect part for the wings, two optional heel pieces, and two different sword pieces, one where the sword is retracted, and one where the sword is extended. You also get a pair of double-revoltech joints, althought i have no idea what they are used for.

Everything else in this set is related to this sets main selling point: The Vector Cannon. This gargantuan chunk of an accesorydoes require some assembly out of box, comprising of the main cannon armature and frame, and the two cannon bits. The next part is where is draw my biggest gripe: You could call it an effect part: a clear plastic ring, with several small pegs on it, which holds the float-y bits, which in the game, are what fire the actual solid beam of overkill, in the game, there are six of these flota-y bits, while the figure only comes with five. A minor gripe, but a gripe none the less. the cannon also has a gimmick: a lever on the back allows you to raise or lower the cannon, and two pairs of special joints for the arms, and the set of hands i mentioned before, allows you to plug jehuty's hands onto the cannon, and when you then utilize th gimmick, make it seem as though he was lowering the cannon, ready to bring a load of painful overkill your way. This replicates the ingame use of the vecotr Cannon very well.

an overall gorgeous set, and the price is good as well. a mech enthusiat will certainly like this, and for any hardcore ZOE fan it's a must have.


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