Review by Umberto : PROJECT BM! No.56 Kamen Rider OOO (GataKiriBa Combo)
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PROJECT BM! No.56 Kamen Rider OOO (GataKiriBa Combo)

PROJECT BM! No.56 Kamen Rider OOO (GataKiriBa Combo)

5  sabato 03 marzo, 2018
di Umberto  Sweden  

This figure is my first Project BM figure so far and I got it to see if PBM is worth collecting.

So far the figure has not let me down.
It's beautifully sculpted and painted, the suit adds a nice look of realism to the figure. It's well beyond any other type of Kamen Rider figure.
I collect both Figuarts and SIC Kamen Rider figures, with my favorite being the SIC OOO figures.

That changed with this figure.
Excellent detailing and a plethora of accessories help make this figure stand out on any shelf - in case the sheer size of the figure isn't enough, that is.

At 12 inches, this really is gigantic. The details are however not skimped out on. Even the most minute details like the cell medals are captured perfectly, using clear plastic with painted copper-esque rims.

The articulation on this figure is very good but sadly, it's limited by the use of the suit. That's not a big deal as this figure does seem to have a fairly durable suit but I'd still not recommend being all too rough with it. I have managed to capture just about all of the poses I've tried, including a "Scanning charge" pose. Can't say it wasn't stressful to bend the elbow hard enough for him to reach his waist though.

As for the accessories:
10 hands in total - 4 pairs (Closed fists, blade-holding hands, Pointing with two fingers and relaxed hands) and then two hands, one meant for holding cell medals and a hand for holding his core medal scanner, which is included as an accessory. It can be held or it can be stored at the hip, but sadly it doesn't lock in, instead it's free to slide up and down as you pose the figure.
He comes with 3 cell medals, sculpted in perfect detail. They even fit inside the driver, or you can store them in the medal holder. Sadly, the medals are not locked into the driver with spring-loaded tabs or anything so there is a chance of them falling out while posing.
The driver does however have the ability to pivot, allowing you to move it from horizontal to diagonal.
He also comes with 2 pairs of wrist guards - a pair with the blades attached and one pair with the blades detached - you also get blades for the figure to hold.

The figure has been painting with such attention to detail that there's really nothing negative to be said. The metallic paint used on Kuwagata's head really stands out nicely, making the figure pop. The red compound eyes reflect light beautifully, almost looking like they light up using LEDs. But no electronics here, just nice use of reflective plastic. The different shades of green have been used very well - the wrist-guards have been given some shading to really bring out the layered look.
Overall, the clean black suit with the bright greens on top looks gorgeous. The contrast is extremely pleasing to look at.

You also get a stand with the figure, a stand that many say "Are no good". I personally think it's a nice stand. It's very simple but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Figuarts figures usually come with a stand that require more space than the figure itself due to the way the arm is built. With this stand, you simply want to keep the figure raised just a few millimeters above the ground, making sure that his legs are simply supporting his balance, with the stand carrying most of the weight. That way he stands very securely and there's no risk of the figure falling over.

Overall, I give this figure five stars - a perfect 10/10. The only negative point would be the knee-pads - they don't line up quite right. Compare a picture of Gatakiriba combo with the figure and you'll see that they look somewhat crooked.

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