Review by whoami : Gundam HG Strike Freedom Gundam
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Gundam HG Strike Freedom Gundam

Gundam HG Strike Freedom Gundam

4  lunedì 20 luglio, 2015
di whoami  Canada  

The HG kit is a very dated version of Kira Yamato's mobile suit. The stickers were cringe-worthy, unlike those waterproof ones of more expensive HG, RG, MG & PG. The look is quite anime-accurate. The articulation is quite limited. The kit is very playable. Casual builders will love it while diehard modellers will hate it. Armaments includes head-mounted CIWS guns, DRAGOON Mobile Weapon Wing, clear wing extenders, Beam Assault Cannon, Beam Saber, 2 Beam Rifles combinable into a long range rifle, torso-mounted Beam Cannon, hip-mounted Rail Cannons, clear Beam Shield, pair of fists, & open right palm. I did sanding, applying putty, priming, airbrushing, touching-up, panel lining, applying sold separately decals & sealing twice.

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