Review by Jerome : Kuroko's Basketball Figure Series : Aomine Daiki
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Kuroko's Basketball Figure Series : Aomine Daiki

Kuroko's Basketball Figure Series : Aomine Daiki

5  mercoledì 14 gennaio, 2015
di Jerome  Australia  

Figure has amazing detail and for those collecting the MegaHouse kuroko set or Aomine in general is a must have. Many people wonder about the leaning on this figure as so do I, he is one of the figures of the set that actually doesnt have a metal peg so we are wondering still how well his pose can he kept without leaning. Unlike Kuroko, Aomine is much bigger and way heavier, he could have been structured in a way that his entire left left focus' all his primary weight toward his waist to chest area, yet if you wanna reduce the chances of his leaning, the best way is to put something under his right knee, preferrably soft as to not scratch paint, maybe even a type of glass acrylic so its less notice-able, this will help balance the pressure of the left leg taking all the weight!! ^.^ Goodluck to you Kuroko and Aomine fans ^.^ "The only one that can beat me is me." -Aomine KnB Season 2.

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