Review by Lincoln : Upotte!! - Premium Figure : FN FNC (Funco)
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Upotte!! - Premium Figure : FN FNC (Funco)

Upotte!! - Premium Figure : FN FNC (Funco)

4  domenica 05 ottobre, 2014
di Lincoln  Australia  

Upotte!! is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine and I'm disappointed that there aren't any other figurines from the anime (I'd like to see all of the cast at one point - but I'm not hopeful).

Given how ecchi the anime is, I'm surprised to see FNC in quite a tame pose (unless of course you turn her around with her back facing you).

For a prize based figurine, she is quite tall (210mm) and nicely detailed - she also has a nice custom base instead of a standard prize black base.

There are some minor inconsistencies with the paint work, this can be seen with the paint on hem of the skirt. As far as the sculpting goes, everything is fine except for certain parts of her hair (can be seen in the fourth picture).

The FN FNC rifle itself is nicely detailed and has a glossy shine under light whereas Funco herself has a dull/matte appearance.

Overall, a nice prize figurine at a reasonable price.

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