Review by DarkSwordsman : Kamen Rider Birth OOO OCC 06
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Kamen Rider Birth OOO OCC 06

Kamen Rider Birth OOO OCC 06

4  sabato 28 maggio, 2011
di DarkSwordsman  United States  

Kamen Rider Birth is the sixth figure in the OCC lines of action figure from the Kamen Rider OOO series. He comes with two version of the Birth Buster(Standard and Cell Burst), and the CLAWs weapons; Drill Arm, Crane Arm, Shovel Arm, Cutter Wings, Caterpillar Legs, and Breast Cannon. The CLAWs can be combine into a scorpion mech called the CLAWs Sasori. He has good articulation and very few problems such as few tight joints and back/front heavyness when equip with the Cutter Wings/Breast Cannon. Other than that, a great figure.

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