Review by Jonatan : Digimon Greymon
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Digimon Greymon

Digimon Greymon

5  mercoledì 19 giugno, 2013
di Jonatan  Finland  

Continuing with Xros Wars, we have the primary Digimon representitive of the Blue Flare Army, Greymon. Now, compared to previous Greymon designs, this greymon has had the color palette flipped, with orange stripes on blue, and the overall body-shape and posture are much more like that of a t-rex, both traits which th toy captures well. The typical greymon traits are still there, large three toed feet, sleek but powerful legs, gimpy little arms with the three-taloned hands, and the three-horned bony helmet, all present and well represented. Although the figure is aesthetically pleasing, there are a few sacrifices that had to be made, most notable the large grey clip that jutsfrom the back, as well as the slots present on the wrists, upper legs, and back of the head. The sacrifices in appearance were necesarry, and at least in my personal opinion, worth it.

Now, moving away from looks, what do you get with the figure? There are no accesories, but you get the Leviamon Digimemory. The figure itself not only looks good,but also is packed with articulation, starting from the top, the top and bottom halves of the head can tilt up and down on a hinge, also allowing him to open his mouth. Another hinge is present at the base of the neck, allowing the hed to be raised slightly. The arms have ratcheted swivels for roation, and a simple hinge for outward movement. The legs have ratcheted swivels for rotation and ratcheted hinges for outward movement, knees are hinged, and the ankles have ratcheted hinges for tilting forward and back. Finally the tail has two hinges, although the one closer to the body can only swing up. All the ratchet joints give off a good healthy click while moving, and are very sturdy. This allows for a good deal of poses with the figure, and he can actually hold a pose.

Overall, I would highly recommend this figure, even alone he looks great, poses great, feels nice to the touch, and is just overall fun to fiddle around with. Any interactions with other figures are just an extra layer of fun on top.

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