Review by Jonatan : Shoutmon & Starmons set
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Shoutmon & Starmons set

Shoutmon & Starmons set

2  martedì 04 giugno, 2013
di Jonatan  Finland  

Taking a leave from my usual Transformers stuff, I'll be taking a look at some Digimon Xros Wars figures. And starting off, we'll be taking a glance at th first figure in the toyline, and hero of the show, Shoutmon.

The Shoutmon set comes packaged with Shoutmon himself, his four-piece microphone, Starmon and four Pickmons, and the Agumon Digimemory for use with the Xros Loader. And it's probably needless to say that Shoutmon is the mai attraction of the set, albeit a rather disappointing attraction. Shoutmon on his own isn't a very good figure, he looks decent, although his squat proportions, useless stumpy fett, and weird shoulder platforms just go to show how much of this figure was sacrficed for the lines gimmick. Now, Shoutmon does have some articulation, the jaw opening on a hinge, although opening it too far will reveal an odd white thing inside his head, Shoulders can swing a bit over 90 degrees forwards and backwards, and the wrists do swivel,and finally his ankles are on ball joints. That isn't a lot of articulation...

Accesory-wise, Shoutmon can hold his mic, and actually can get both hands onto the shaft, but the mic is so big and out of proportion that it looks ridiculous,it's quite literally a head taller than Shoutmon. The little Starmon and Pickmon figures can also DigiXros(Combine) to form the Star Sword, which Shoutmon can wield, but it's even taller than the mic, and about three times heavier, so not only is the sword horribly out of proportion, but unless you rest starmon against the floor, shoutmon will not be able to support the sword.

So, on it's own, this set isn't very good, and in all honesty is quite bad, Shoutmon is short, stubby, and more-or-less a brick, and his accesories are out of scale and a hassle to use. On it's own, I can't recommend the figure, but if you were to get other figures in the line, he just might be worth the price...

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