Review by Zoltán : Gundam EX Arch Angel (Coating Version) 1/1700 Scale
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Gundam EX Arch Angel (Coating Version) 1/1700 Scale

Gundam EX Arch Angel (Coating Version) 1/1700 Scale

4  venerdì 30 ottobre, 2009
di Zoltán  Hungary  

Not bad, but not the best. This was my thoughts when I finished my Archangel. It is huge, compared to other Gundam EX spaceships, and I didn't realized it in the anime. Therefore -or not- it has somewhat less detail than my other ships (Eternal, Minerva, Musai), but it is still very detailed. Cons: The stand is a bad one; it doesn't stabilizes the model, just three strut to hold the open from the ground. The front catapult door assembly is also disappointing: you should remove some fixed parts to install the linear catapult bars. So I had to build it with permamently closed doors. Same with the leg mounted particle cannons. The white-bright red-grey color schema is a pain in the a** (for that I was prepared), so I painted it with spray paints. However it consumes a lot of paint, much more, than I thought, it easily eat up one tamiya spray can.
But except this the Archangel is a fine model, with some compromises. Recommended, because it is the Archangel :), and that explains everything (?!).

I have the "normal" Archangel, not the coated one, but to my knowledge it is the same, except the coating.

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