Review by Jonatan : Transformer Prime - AM-12 War Breakdown
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Transformer Prime - AM-12 War Breakdown

Transformer Prime - AM-12 War Breakdown

5  domenica 13 gennaio, 2013
di Jonatan  Finland  

I don't know what the kids at Hasbro were thinking when they came up with powerizers, but whatever it was, they should take a lesson from the boys at Takara, who bring us what may very well be the pinnacle of the Voyager class. This, is Transformers Prime Arms Micron War Breakdown.

Breakdown comes packaged in robot mode, but I'll start from vehicle mode, which is pretty much a blue brick on wheels. The alt mode is an armored truck of made-up model, and it's a very nice dark blue. Thre isn't much paint o this thing, mostly on the bumper, and the spare tire, along with a few other bits, but what he lacks in paint, Breakdown makes up for, with stickers. there is a metric crudtonne of these things, and thankfully, the quality is really good. the make up a bunch of detailing, including the front lights, sonme of the windows, stripes above the back wheel-well, and the entire back bumper, the last off which is covered by one huge sticker. the vehicle is overall chunky, has good heft to it, and stays together like a charm if you get everything lined up right.

Transformation is intuitive, buta little complex. Start by grabbing the back bumper, and simultaneously pulling up and back, lift the entire back section the truck up. Then untab the side panels of the truck, and fold out the legs. Start rotating the wheel-wells forward, and about half-way, fold out the foot, and start folding the panel in half, rotate the wheel-well all the way and then tab the folded panel into place. Next, split the windshield, and rotate the windshield halfs outwrd 90 degrees. Untabe the front wheel-wells, and pull them outward, before rotating them forward, this should give you enough clearance to fold out the arms. Next, split the hood of the truck, fold the grille under it, and swing the enitre front assembly down around Breakdowns head. Finally rotate the hands out, orient the arms properly, and collapse the back of the truck onto his back, where it pegs in.

In robot mode, Breakdown is almost as wide as he is tall, with wide shoulders, barrel-like chest, and many harsh angles which allgive him a very rough-and-tough appearance. There are more stickers, in the lower legs and waist, as well as four stickers on each knee-cap. In this mode he has a good amount of posability, with a limited ball-joint in the neck, balljoints in the shoulders for roation, and a seperate hinge for in-and-out movement. The arms swivel aboe the elbows, and bend both ways on a hinge at the elbow. the waist can swivel all the way around, and the hips are ball-jointed, with swivels underneath them. Knees are hinged, and the feet can pivot forawrd and back.

Being an Arms micron figure, Brekdown sports a massive number of ports and pegs to attach microns, and he also comes with the micron Zamu. Zamu is a little gray rhino, who has a lot of stickers for details. It can transform into Breakdowns hammer weapon, which he can hold. There is alos a neat little feature in which one can rotate in the hand, like going into vehicle mode, to reveal a peghole which one can plug Zamu into, creating the illusion that Breakdowns hand has transformed into a hammer, much like in the show.

At the moment, the Breakdown mold is a Takara exclusive, which is a shame, because this toy is pure plastic brilliance. Both modes look good, the transformation is clever and satisfying, and he makes a wonderful companion piece if one already has Breakdowns mate Knockout. I would prersonally recommend this figure with the highest of praise, but he is unfortunately very hard to find at a decent price.

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