Review by Jonatan : Transformers Prime - AM-27 Ultra Magnus
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Transformers Prime - AM-27 Ultra Magnus

Transformers Prime - AM-27 Ultra Magnus

5  giovedì 10 gennaio, 2013
di Jonatan  Finland  

I'll be honest with you: Hasbros "Powerizer" gimmick, which is the new "thing" for the voyager figures, is one of those play patterns that I can't wrap my head around. The figures usually have these out of place translucent forearms that look terrible, and thse overcompensating giant guns which are like mechtech weapons, that is, if mechtech weapons were terrible.

Ultra magnus was what I considered perhaps the best Autobot powerizer mold yet, bt I still couldn't have cared less for the giant hammergun, even if it was perhaps the best powerizer weapon around. Leave it Takara to throw away the powerizer crud, and bring us the glorious piece of plastic that is AM Ultra Magnus.

Magnus comes packaged in robot mode, but I'll start the review from vehicle mode. And right our of the box he is very... Blue. In fact, blue is dominant plastic color of the figure, a nice, eye pleasing baby blue, with the oly other colors being a splodge of red on the front bumper, some read paint on the roof, and two different shades of grey dropped here and there. Thankfully he comes with a buttload of stickers to fix that. The stickers some nice red-and-silver stripes to both sides of the vehicle, and also adds red to the headlights. There isn't really much else to say, it's a blue missile truck, although it does a few micron ports on the side, and with some fiddling, can store his micron as an approximation of a gun.

For a voyager, the transformation is rather simple. Start by pulling out on the side panels until they unhook. then tart slowly splitting the front bumper until you can flip the small grey piece up. At this point you can lift the entire cab, and swing it back. Wiggle the arms out from under the cab, and swing them out, folding out his hands and folding up the panels around his forearms. Special care should be taken when swinging the shoulders back, as there are samll tabs on the cab, which will lock the shoulders into place. You then extend the legs, and split them, fold in the grey gun mount. Then untab the back wheels, and swing the assembly back, which is then wrapper around the legs.

I robot mode Magnus is a tall, imposing robot, with wide shoulders, stocky chest, and an overall powerful appearance. There is some nice paint detail on the chest and head, and all the stickers from vehicle mode carry over. Three new stickers are present, adding color to his shins, and adding an autobot logo to his chest. as a robot, Magnus is decently posable, with a balljoint in the neck, ball joints in the shoulders and wrist, swivels in the biceps and bellow the hips, hinges in the elbows, and ratcheted hinges in the knees. The robot mode is overall pleasing, and the powerizer-necesarry tranparent plastic fits in with the blu plastic around it.

Beig an Arms Micron toy, Ultra Magnus comes with the micron Ulma (stop snickering over there). The micron comes as a unpainted kit with stickers for detailing, being cast in a greenish blue and having red and silver detailing. The robot mode is short, and about as wide as it is tall. A simple transformation converts this box-bot into a truly mighty battle hammer most suitable for the leader of the wreckers.

Overall, I feel the set was worth ever penny, giving you a version of the ultra magnus mold, along with an awesome hammer micron. Strongly recommended.

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