Muramasa: The Demon Blade Momohime PVC Figure 1/8 Scale Muramasa: The Demon Blade ANIME ITEMS : PLAMOYA
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Muramasa: The Demon Blade Momohime PVC Figure 1/8 Scale

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€96.38   (JPY11,440)
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  • Code: 22256
  • Giapponese: 朧村正 1/8 百姫
  • JAN: 4560228202403
  • Peso spedizione: 0.508kg.
  • Dimensioni del pacco: 17cm x 29cm x 24cm
  • Prodotto da: Alter
  • Data di invio: venerdì 30 luglio, 2010

height: approx. 210mm.
- From the Eastern Sword-Fighting action RPG (Muramasa : The Demon Blade), a story based on the fight over a Demon Blade, the figure of 'Momohime', possessed by the spirit of Jinkurou and fighting with a demon blade in hand, has been turned into a figurine.
- Her form of the moment she is about to unleash her sword, as she lands lightly onto the rock bed, has been captured with impact.
- The vivid coloring of her costume reminds you of the beautiful graphics of the game.
- The base has been made to create the atmosphere of the world of Muramasa.
- The water running between the rocks have been made with transparent parts, adding a sense of movement into the model.
*By replacing parts, the form before and after the blade had been unsheathed can be reproduced.
- Includes stand base.

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5  sabato 27 aprile, 2013
di EDDIE  Canada  

Best figure ever, with the PSVITA's Directors version is out. This figure truly amazin!

5  domenica 31 marzo, 2013
di hokuto  Italy  

Stunning figure, rich in details and made ​​with care (it's Alter). Some exchange parts are included, it can be exposed:
-With katana in its scabbard (my favorite, she seems ready to attack);
-With free katana from its sheath and the other hand with nothing;
-With katana in hand and scabbard in the other.
The character is adorable, expresses both sweetness and sensuality, do not look at her directly in the eyes or she will bewitch you;)

5  giovedì 28 febbraio, 2013
di Jinson  United States  

One of the most beautiful figurines I've encountered. The vibrant color scheme is astounding with great detail in every aspect of her attire and accessories.

He form and posture is a great plus too as it clearly conveys her in motion as she is landing on the rock and preparing herself to leap into action.

I haven't personally played Muramasa, but the quality and the atmosphere of the figure convinced me to buy her even with no emotional attachment to the character.

5  venerdì 09 settembre, 2011
di andrew  United States  

nice figure! but way tooooooo expensive! bought it about220 but now the price had gone down to 207

5  giovedì 09 giugno, 2011
di YanKovalskiy  Russia  

Потрясающая грация и идеальный баланс. Плавность линий и твердость духа. Идеальное воплощение. Всё это - Muramasa: The Demon Blade Momohime. Лучшая фигурка 2009 года. Выше всех похвал.

5  domenica 05 giugno, 2011

The winner of BeFA 2010 is here! Momohime, from muramasa: the demon blade (Vanillaware) , great sculpted by Fukumoto Noritaka (the same sculptor of Gwendolyn -Odin Sphere- by Alter).
He captured Vanillaware's design so well..she's simply perfect!
Alter's figures are always fabolous...colors and shadows are so real.. you can see details on her eyes and flowers on her hair..
She comes with a second arm and second hand,so you can display her with katana in or out its scabbard.
Her face is serious and sweet in the same time! her running pose is saying that she's ready to kill! but with short kimono ,from some angles, is strangely sexy too.
Mix of sensations in this figure....grab her if you love Alter.. or Vanillaware.. or Momohime or...all of them! :P

Visualizzati da 1 a 6 (di 6 commenti)


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