Review by Manuel : Figma The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword : Link (PVC Figure)
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Figma The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword : Link (PVC Figure)

Figma The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword : Link (PVC Figure)

4  dimanche 01 décembre, 2013
par Manuel  Italy  

If you've bought figmas before, then you know what to expect. Link comes in the standard figma window box, complete with green accents and imagery of the sky. On the back of the box, there are graphics of the figure in several poses. Inside the box, Link rests in a plastic tray with most of the accessories, covered by a plastic lid. Beneath all of that, there is a secondary tray and lid that hold the Master Sword's scabbard and a slash effect for the sword.Link's sculpt is quite good and, for the most part, perfectly captures his look in Skyward Sword. Link features two face sculpts: a neutral face and a yelling face, perfect for any action pose. In addition, Link also comes with two different bangs: a regular at rest version and a wind swept version. Both bangs look good with either face.
The one area that is off is his chain mail underneath his tunic. Rather then sculpt the individual chains, the mail looks like a thick gray shirt. Despite this discrepancy, it's not really that noticeable due to the mail barely being visible. Some of the mold lines on the figure are visible, being most apparent on the legs. That being said, they don't really stand out unless you're looking for them. The paint on Link is solid with no noticeable slop or bleeding. All of the areas appear to be a solid color with no visible wash effect. The chain mail appears to have a slight gloss, making it a tad shiny and adding to the look of the metal.Link has some great articulation, but it is somewhat limited by his sculpt. To begin with, he has ball joints at both the top and bottom of his neck. The joint at the top of his neck actually plugs into the inside back of his head, thus allowing for some great movement. the tip of Link's hat features a swivel joint and looks good to matter which way it's aligned. The hat's movement is somewhat hampered if the Master Sword and / or Hylian Shield are on Link's back, but that's to be expected are certainly doesn't take away from anything. Moving down, Link features ball jointed shoulders. The movement on these however is somewhat restricted due to the sculpt of the tunic. As such, Link can't put is arms straight up. The photos I have above show the maximum height I could get the arms to raise in two different orientations. I found it tricky to find a pose I liked with Link's sword raised, but it can be done. Below, the figure has double pin jointed elbows. They allow for a good range of movement and can move from left to right slightly. Link's hands feature a pin joint / swivel joint combo that allows for maximum movement. Link also features a ball joint right below his harness. It's hidden well and and still allows for a good range of movement. Moving to the legs, the figure has ball jointed hips. The bottom of Link's tunic is a soft plastic, allowing for a decent range of leg movement. Although the bottom of the tunic is a soft plastic, it does not appear to have warped from the posing of the legs.At the knees, you'll find a double pin joint and swivel joint combination. Last, but not least, Link has ball jointed ankles and pin jointed toes, allowing for a deeper stance and greater posing options. Like nearly every figma, Link comes with a good amount of accessories, but a major issue does present itself in this category. To begin with, Link comes with an assortment of hands, in this case, all pairs. He includes fist, relaxed, open with spread palms, grasping (mostly for the shield) and an alternate grasping for his sword. Like all figmas, the hands feature a swivel / pin joint for maximum movement and insert into the wrist via a peg. The hands swap easily with minimal force to remove and insert into the wrist. The added advantage of every hand coming in a pair means that you can make Link properly left handed! As both a left handed person and a Zelda purist, I've only displayed him as such, as you may have noticed by the pictures I've taken.Link's next accessory is the Hylian shield. The shield includes a ha...

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