Review by INDRANIL : Duel Masters TCG Start Dash Deck Fire & Nature DMD-01
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Duel Masters TCG Start Dash Deck Fire & Nature DMD-01

Duel Masters TCG Start Dash Deck Fire & Nature DMD-01

4  lundi 13 février, 2012
par INDRANIL  India  

The Duel Masters Start Dash Deck-Fire and Nature is a perfect fire/nature civilization combo rush deck. The deck focuses on summoning low cost creatures such sa Deadly Fighter Braid Claw and Taiga, The Warrior Savage(which is also a speed attacker)to get rid of your opponent's shields.It also has good support cards such as Bronze Arm Tribe, which helps in adding more mana to your mana zone, Aures,Sphere Knight , Dracity Dragoon,Explosive Beast , which are shield triggers , Pincer Scarab, which gains more power for each card in your opponent's hand, and ofcourse, not to mention PyroFighter Magnus. The spells incuded in this deck come in handy. Super Burst Shot and Volcanic Arrows can destroy your opponent's creatures, while Nature Snare sends them to his mana zone. This deck's trumpcard, StartDash Buster,Devine Hero Mech is an amazing evolution creature. Costing just 4 mana,it has 6000 power,double breaker,can be evolved from both humans and beast folks, and when you put this creature in the battle zone,you can choose one of your opponent's creatures in the battle zone costing 5 mana or less and put it into his mana zone.This makes it one of the best low cost evolution creatures in the game.

A great deck,perfect for those who like to attack fast and finish the duel quick. I've teste the deck,and so far it has worked out perfectly,helping me win 9 out of 12 duels that i've played using this deck.
I definitly recommend that others buy this deck.It has a few drawbacks,but nontheless,it is a great deck.

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