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CLANNAD AFTER STORY An Fujibayashi (1 / 7 scale PVC pre-painted finished goods)

CLANNAD AFTER STORY An Fujibayashi (1 / 7 scale PVC pre-painted finished goods)

5  vendredi 02 octobre, 2009
par Jere  Finland  

She is tall one, in height of 21 cm, about. She is posed in very stylish way; with her leg behind other, basketball in hand leaning against the leg, and other hand stylishy on her hip. Her hair has also a nice wind effect, as air would be blowing, or general motion.

There is lots of small details too, even though her wear is simple enough; folds in jacket and also stockings, shoes have small laces and hair has few smaller details too.

The paintjob is overall good, even though a little simple, there is no colour overlap, or any other problems at all. As minor thing, small detail lines in her shoes seem to havesome black, but it is little faded; I am not sure is it meant to be solid black lines, should there be none at all, or is it way it is meant to be.

The base is one small thing to have cripe about. It is noth thick, and doesn't have as solid feel as other thicker bases. The posing of legs also make attaching her to base hard, since there is three holes very close.
Also, the posing of legs make it little wobbly, if you move her around, and place her to new place, she wobbles a little left to right for a small second. You also can notice this if you place her on a monitor in desk, small moves to desk make her wobble too.

Overall, for helpless clannad fan this is a great figurine, very stylish. I could see also a non-fan owning the figurine for style, though the value and enjoyment for fan is huge.

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