Review by Vanessa : NECO-ARC Type-Moon
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NECO-ARC Type-Moon

NECO-ARC Type-Moon

4  miércoles 31 octubre, 2018
por Vanessa  United States  

While browsing Good Smile Company's Nendoroid archive page last month, I found that NECO-ARC was the first character to be officially made into a Nendoroid. Having been a fan of Type-Moon properties for years, I knew that there would be plenty of space for this figure in my collection. Out of curiosity, I looked to see if there would be any sort of outlet that would carry an older figure like this one. Fortunately, Plamoya had it in stock, and I ordered it without a second thought.

With this being one of the first Nendoroids, it's made from a plastic that's much harder and lighter than it is now. That lightness, however, gives it a slight advantage, as it is able to stand upright without the need for a base or form of support. While the figure doesn't have the super-deformed style that the Nendoroid series is known for now, Good Smile managed to shrink down Neco-Arc's iconic design into something compact and cute. The proportions are also what help for it to stay balanced, making setting up and displaying it a whole lot easier.

The design stays true to the original Neco-Arc illustrations in that they reflect the playful simplicity of the character, all while adding more textured flourishes like the spikiness of their hair. Neco-Arc comes with two sets of arms, one straightened and one bent, which, while not highly articulated, can be manipulated to put them in all sorts of poses. They also come with a can opener, a can of cat food, a mischievous starry-eyed face, and a lower half that makes them look like a rocket launching into space. While the accessories and additional parts represent the bare minimum of what would accompany Nendoroids in the years to come, they're fitting for the character and present a number of posing opportunities for collectors.

I would, overall, mostly recommend this to serious Nendoroid collectors or Type-Moon fans. I can't see anyone outside of those two groups purchasing this Nendoroid when Good Smile Company has been able to improve on and perfect their Nendoroid designs since this was released. It is still interesting to have a piece of Type-Moon and Nendoroid history, though, seeing as how the relationship between the two has managed to stay strong since then.

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