Review by Leo : Dragon's Crown - Elf
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Dragon's Crown - Elf

Dragon's Crown - Elf

5  lunes 29 febrero, 2016

This figure reminds me of a scene from one of the last Lord of the Rings movies where the elves are fighting the orcs, while they were moving down a fast flowing river bank. And the elves were leaping across rocks that were in the water. This Dragon's Crown figure has that same leaping pose, where she is leaping and firing her weapon very quickly at her enemies. Another cool thing about this figure is her tiny little squirrel companion that is located on her shoulder. The squirrel is very small in size, but the artist managed to paint lots of tiny details on him, making him look very cute and adorable. This is an amazing looking figure, and her cool fighting pose will make her a unique addition to your anime toy collection. Here is a quick video showing exactly how the entire figure looks =

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