Review by lunaswav3 : figma - Muv-Luv : Sumika Kagami
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figma - Muv-Luv : Sumika Kagami

figma - Muv-Luv : Sumika Kagami

5  martes 04 agosto, 2015

This is considered by many the best figma ever made in existence. She used to be an XBOX 360 exclusive that came with the Limited Edition of Muv-Luv Alternative, but now she's out of her cockpit and ready to give her ahoge-love all for you. Every detail regarding Sumika's design is crafted with top-notch Max Factory craftsmanship, and the myriad of in-game poses you can display her in is enough to make you go grab a copy of Muv-Luv Alt, just so you can see what her coquettishness is all about. She comes with her signature bunny plushie and a heart shaped alternative hair piece. She truly is considered by many amongst the Sci-Fi community, the best figma pilot-girl ever made... dare I say even superior in artistry than plugsuit Rei. Don't wait for the BETA to have her way with her, and go rescue Sumika!

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