Review by Jonatan : Digimon Ballistamon
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Digimon Ballistamon

Digimon Ballistamon

4  martes 04 junio, 2013
por Jonatan  Finland  

Continuing with Xros Wars, we have Ballistamon, who looks a lot like this old spring-winded tin robots. Ballistamon should come with a Guilmon Digimemory, but my figure didn't have one, and there are not other accesories (unless his head could be considered an accesory).

Following the disappointing Shoutmon, Ballistamon is actually not bad, he's fairly show accurate, and has articulation actually worth mentioning. Now, articulation, the legs can swing forward and backward on ratchets, although that's mostly to accomodate the lines gimmick, and moving to the arms, we have universal ratchets in the shoulders, allowing for full rotation and a 90 degree outward swing, you have a ratcheted swivel above the elbow, a soft ratchet in each elbow, and the wrists swivel. This is all fine and good, but the clicky noise of the ratchet joints just sounds hollow.

Now, there is more this guy can do, if you happen to have the awful Shoutmon figure, you can take the two and...


To perform the merger, take shoutmon, bring down his arms to his sides, make sure his mouth is closed and his feet a flat, you are done with shoutmon. Next, take Ballistamon, and slide his head up and off, before taking his remainging body and splitting the upper torso in two. Fikd dien the red speaker compartment in his chest, and fit shoutmon into the resulting cavity. Close the Ballistamon halves, leaving shoutmon inside, and slide the head onto the grooves revealed in the midsection.

This gets you Shoutmon X2(or Cross 2), and... He looks like Shoutmon who screwed up his Ballistamon cosplay. This form really isn't that great, it's close enough to the show, but shoutmons nose sticking out just kinda ruins it, but on the bright side, he does retain all of Ballistamons posability.

All in all, Ballistamon is much better than Shoutmon, but he does very little on his own. Buying Shoutmon gets you more options, but if you're gonna invest in these two, get ready to invest some more to make them really worth it.

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