Review by Jonatan : Transformers Prime - AMW-13 Arms Micron (set of 5)
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Transformers Prime - AMW-13 Arms Micron (set of 5)

Transformers Prime - AMW-13 Arms Micron (set of 5)

4  jueves 28 febrero, 2013
por Jonatan  Finland  

Oh yeah, this was a total treat. I've said it many times already on how much I love microns, and getting five in a set, without needing to buy the mostly mediocre partner figures, sealed the deal for me. Now we have five microns to get through, and the combo weapons, so let's get started.

We'll start out with O.P. Who originally came, cast in blue plastic, with the Voyager Optimus Prime figure. This thing is a decent enough robo-dude, that kinda lookslike g1 Shockwave. Like most autobot microns, he can't stand without the support of the third leg formed by his weapon-mode kibble. Atriculation is basic, qwiht hinged shoulders and legs that move in unisons. Transformation is quick and simple, strat by straightening the arms and flipping up the gun barrel over his head, and finally, fold up the waist and legs to form a cute little blaster.

Next up, B.2, originally came with bumblebee, done in a golden yellow plastic. The little guy can stand on his own, too bad he really doesn't look any good. the only meaningfull articulation is in the elbows. Transformation is simple, straighten the arms, and lift them up to cover his head, the swing the legs around at the knee, and you've got a little dual-blaster.

Nxt, the ugliest of the bunch, R.A. originally came with Ratchet, cast is metally-grey plastic. -this version comes cast in an eye-scorching safety-orange, which really doesn't hlep his already odd design. he has trouble standing even with his third leg. For transformation, straighten the arms, flip up the blade on his back, and fold his legs up onto his chest, and you get and eye-schorcing safety-orange scalpel.

Now we start getting into the territory of odd names, with Iro, who is my favorite of the five. originally packed with Ironhide and cast in a burgundy-orange. Now cast in a deep cherry-red transparent plastic. He actually has decent articulation, with hinge elbows, hips that move in unison, and higne knees. Transformation is a bit more complex, start by swinging out his back-kibble, and roatate the legs at the knees, the straigthen the arms and fold the forward to cover the chest, finally, fold out the very tip of the kibble, fold the strut back down onto the weapons body, and fold the cap in, tabbing it into place, and this gets you a very movie-esque ironhide gun.

and lastly, the absolute weakest of the bunch, is Ooje, wo originally came with Wheeljack, cast in white plastic, this version is cast in a urine-yellow transparent plastic. Transformation is extremely basic, rotate the arms up, fold the legs onto the chest, and flip up the blade from his back, this get you a box...sword... thingy.

Now, with thisset, you can make both the Star Saber, and the Advanced Star Saber. Now, starting with all microns in weapon mode, we'll go to the Star Saber first, and then go to the Advanced one.

For the star Saber, Take O.P. and fold his waist and legs down, then take B." and plug him with his back peg onto the port on top of O.P. then finally plug R.A. into O.P.' barrel, and you have a Star Saber.

Making the Advanced Star Saber is simple neough, just take Ooje and plug him into the back of Iro' cannon mode, and plug Iro onto R.A. The only problem with this combo weapon is that it's so heavy, and all that weight is on O.P.' wist hinge, so if you pose a figure holding the Advanced Star Saber, you might want ot have them somehow support the weapon.

Recommendable if you're really into microns, and don't want the mostly mediocre autobots.

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