Review by Jonatan : Transformers Prime - AMW-11 Arms Micron Beha B
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Fotos y Reseñas 2012

Transformers Prime - AMW-11 Arms Micron Beha B

Transformers Prime - AMW-11 Arms Micron Beha B

5  miércoles 26 diciembre, 2012
por Jonatan  Finland  

Another Micron purchased on a whim. I actually really liked the Micron that came with Arms Micron Bulkhead looked like, but I could be bothered because the RiD Bulkhead mold was a complete waste of decent peoples time and money.

But enough of about bashing a terrible figure, let's get to the good stuff, that is, this little dude. Being an AMW release, he is a recolor of the previosuly released B.H. Micron, done in blue with less stickers. He transforms from the wrecking mace/blaster into a stocky little robot. As an additional bonus, the kit also comes with a little plastic chain, which allows for a third flail mode.

An overall strongly recommendable kit.

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