Review by Светлана : Gintama GEM Series Hijikata Toshiro PVC Figure
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Gintama GEM Series Hijikata Toshiro PVC Figure

Gintama GEM Series Hijikata Toshiro PVC Figure

5  domingo 25 noviembre, 2012
por Светлана  Russia  

This G.E.M. MegaHouse figure is based on the character Hijikata Toushirou from the Manga and Anime series Gintama, created by Hideki Sorachi.
Hijikata-san is the Vice Commander of the Shinsengumi, also known as the Demonic Vice Commander.He’s known for his strict demeanor and extreme loyalty to the Shinsengumi and their Commander, Kondou-san.
This character is based on an actual historical figure and has been used several times in Japanese pop culture, Hijikata Toshizo. But ‘Toushirou’ has been given a new humorous portrayal in Sorachi’s Gintama as a mayonnaise obsessed vice commander, a mayonara. Despite any nauseous feelings you might have towards Hijikata-san’s uncanny compulsion towards mayonnaises, Hijikata’s san still looks pretty cool when he’s lights up a cigarette with his mayonnaise shaped zippo.

I’m very glad that I purchased Hijkata-san, His sculpt is spot on with his character. And my collection wouldn't be incomplete without him.
If you’re a Gintama fan you should definitely get this.

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