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Fotos y Reseñas por Danny

C Cube: Fear [Changing Clothes ver.] (PVC Figure)

C Cube: Fear [Changing Clothes ver.] (PVC Figure)

4  miércoles 02 julio, 2014
por Danny  Germany  

First of all, the coloring is pretty well made. There are hardly and beauty flaws and the details are all nicely done. The additional accesoires are a nice-to-have-addition.

The flaws of the figure lie in the disassembly. My figure came with the dere face and with the skirt not attached to it. So I had to put the skirt onto the figure, which was not the problem. The big issue was the act of changing faces. There is a manual added (see images) in japanese, but with pictures, so you get the idea.
As I am quite inexperienced with such figures, I had to struggle to push the strands of hair to the sides in order to disassemble the hair and acces the head. In fact, I removed the head first. As everything was put together pretty tight, I had to use some force to disassemble it and feared (haha) for my figure. The tight construction adds stability, yet hinders the disassembly and makes changing faces rather difficult. I originally intended to swap face every now and then, as I like both, but now I just stick with the dere face after that physical and mental struggle the procedure gave me.

Furthermore the knees don't fully align, so the figure tends to lean a bit to the side. I don't know if it is intended, but I felt a bit uneasy so I used some transparent adhesive tape to fasten her feet to the base, as she is not connected to it whatsoever. But I guess that is just personal. Again my inexperience may be the cause of the trouble and my fear (haha, again) of her falling over.

All in all the figure itself is pretty beautiful and awesome to lok at. Once you get the few fixes done (if you need them), you can start loving this figure. Do not let my review give you the fear (I do this on purpose), that the figure is bad, I just had some personal trouble with it, but the figure itself is great.

Sora no Otoshimono The Movie: Astraea Swim Suit Ver. 1/7 PVC Figure

Sora no Otoshimono The Movie: Astraea Swim Suit Ver. 1/7 PVC Figure

5  domingo 15 junio, 2014
por Danny  Germany  

There are no real flaws to be seen in the colouring, details are well made, e.g. the toe nails and the ice cream. I like Astrea's expression, which really fits her and the lying position allows placement at different places. Mine lies in front of my computer's monitor.

The figure also includes the cushion where she lies on, which is a really cool, new idea and the cushion itself is pretty soft. There are no assemblies to made except for placing her on the cushion. The lying position also lets you not worry about any stability of the figure.

All in all, it is a beautfully made figure, which is really worth its price.

To Love-Ru Golden Darkness (1 / 8 Scale Pre-painted PVC Figure-made)

To Love-Ru Golden Darkness (1 / 8 Scale Pre-painted PVC Figure-made)

5  sábado 14 junio, 2014
por Danny  Germany  

Aside from some small beauty flaws that can be seen if you look closely (dirt particles in the color), the overall figure is pretty well made and created with much love for the detail, e.g. a little bump near her mouth the show she is chewing.
The only assembly you have to do is to sit her onto the pipe-thingy, which goes pretty smoothly. The figure wobbles a bit but is quite resistant to falling over.
All in all it is the, for me, most beautiful of the Yami figures, which captures her character from the first season the most.

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