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Fotos y Reseñas por Chen

Gwendolyn Odin Sphere SIF EX

Gwendolyn Odin Sphere SIF EX

4  jueves 17 abril, 2014

Good size and detail along with an attractive stand. The transparent wing parts add a nice effect and are actually made of flexible plastic so you don't have to worry about them breaking.

The stand comes with two pegs, one on the base and another on the branch.

Spear is removable.

Do be warned though. The product photos are actually quite inaccurate in terms of colour. The colours are slightly off and aren't nearly as saturated.

Fate/hollow ataraxia: Saber Alter -Swim Wear ver.- (PVC Figure)

Fate/hollow ataraxia: Saber Alter -Swim Wear ver.- (PVC Figure)

5  jueves 27 marzo, 2014

Excellent figure. The body contours are carefully crafted. The ribbons, skirt and hair are finely detailed. And those are some of the best looking thighs I've seen sculpted in a while. Even the ice lolly is made of clear plastic with the stick visible through it. Now if only they'd release some grilled squid or hotdogs on a stick.

The eyes also have a glossy coating over them, allowing them to catch highlights. A very nice touch I'd like to see added to other figures.

Sure. It costs more than double the Beach Queen's version. But it at least looks 3 times as good and it comes at a bigger 1/6 scale.

Also comes in a classy clear plastic box, which can double as a display case. Otherwise there's also a basic black display base Though she can be put on just about any flat surface.

A fine addition to any Saber Alter fan's collection.

Fate/Extra CCC: Caster (PVC Figure)

Fate/Extra CCC: Caster (PVC Figure)

4  jueves 27 marzo, 2014

Very nice figure overall. The transparent parts used in the hair, tail and sleeves really bring the figure together.

The level of detail is really high all throughout. Rather than the usual copout where they just stick hands into solid sleeves, they are sculpted separately and assembled. You can see the arm through the lacing down the side of the sleeves.

Also comes with a really nifty stand.

A few downsides though. There is a visible seam on the wrist of her right arm. Not noticeable for most part unless you stare straight down her sleeves.

Though she is a 1/8 scale model, she's actually like 5-10% than the other 1/8 Phat Caster figure.

And finally, the breasts do look a bit weird. But I can get used to that.

Overall worth every cent spent. Very cheap for a figure of its class and currently on a major sale to boot. Must have for any fans.

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