Review by whoami : NAC Ghost in the shell ARISE DR Porsche (Porsche 911 GT3R)
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NAC Ghost in the shell ARISE DR Porsche (Porsche 911 GT3R)

NAC Ghost in the shell ARISE DR Porsche (Porsche 911 GT3R)

5  Tuesday 08 March, 2016
by whoami  Canada  

The actual Porsche 911 GT3R with about 500 bhp, a top speed of 195 mph, 3.3 seconds 0-60 mph acceleration & 6-speed transmission was in the 24-hour 2013 Asian Le Mans Series in Fuji.

Fujimi Mokei released the display scale model version in 2013/2014 with clear, clear yellow, white & chrome-plated part trees separately bagged, Japanese & English instructions, a large quality decal sheet, decal instructions & rubber tires in a stylish package.

Likes: The anime. Part trees in individual bags so no scratching. Headlights, rear lights, brake rotors/discs, mirrors & spoiler (wing) pillars in chrome while 4 rims (wheels) in brushed aluminum. Clear yellow headlight covers. Good fit. Easy build. Rotating front wheels. Authentic detail. Curbside (underside) engine. Roll cage. Dashboard. Duplicate hood & door character decals in case you screw up. White No. plate decals.

Dislikes: Bodywork with a faint raised mold line & a recessed mold line. Putty & sanding time. Missing left & right front wing flaps but the actual race car had them. No window masking. No side skirt color separation. No seatbelt decal. Painting instructions not 100% accurate. Google for colors. Separate circular marking decals instead of one pieces.

The kit requires assembly, glue & paints. You'd need basic hobby tools & glue, red (body), white (interior) & black (spoiler, seat, chassis & underside) spray cans, clear red, red, green silver, white & black paints & paint brushes & a decal softener.

Instead of painting the front wing, window frames & side skirts, I applied carbon fiber decals on them. Instead of the 4 chrome-plated hood pins, brake roters & windshield wiper, I used photo-etched ones (ebay). Also, I added a 6-point PE seatbelt + matching decals.

plamoya, arigatou.

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