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Photos and Reviews by eltia

Zoids HMM-006 Saber Tiger 1/72 Scale

Zoids HMM-006 Saber Tiger 1/72 Scale

4  Friday 27 May, 2011
by eltia  Canada  

Seam lines: 3/5. This kit has quite a bit of seam lines you need to kill.

Out of box color: 3/5. The plastic color looks a little too light. So it's recommended that you at least paint the red armor.

Forms: 5/5. Very well sculpted. It does look like a saber tiger!

Articulation: 5/5. Yes, this kitty can sit. :)

Joints durability: 3/5. The waist and tail joints are a little fragile (I broke mine).

Frame: 5/5. Very good details and mecha like.

Details: 5/5. This kit is more detailed than your average Master Grade.

Weaponry: 4/5. Decent. I will give 5/5 if it includes a Gatling gun.

Price: 4/5. Costs a bit more than a Master Grade, but you get more parts and details too!

Uniqueness. 5/5. A mechanical kitty that can sit on your desk. Pretty cool, right? ;)

Gundam HGUC 049 MRX-009 Psycho Gundam 1/144 Scale

Gundam HGUC 049 MRX-009 Psycho Gundam 1/144 Scale

4  Sunday 18 July, 2010
by eltia  Canada  

A very good value HGUC kit. Fully transformable and the completed kit is about 30cm tall.

Pros: good value, large size, fully transformable.

Cons: lack of details, some painting required, limited articulation.

Other thoughts: the next best Psycho Gundam you can buy is the GFF Metal Composite, which is out of issue now and very pricey. This HGUC kit strikes a good balance between value and quality.

Gundam MG Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka

Gundam MG Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka

3  Thursday 24 June, 2010
by eltia  Canada  

Nice MG with good details.

Pro: Unicorn mode looks like a finely sculpted statue, weapons are very nicely done.

Con: low articulation, fragile ABS frame, a lot of decals.

Others: transformation not recommended. Just get two and pose one of each in each mode.

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