Review by lunaswav3 : figma - Muv-Luv : Sumika Kagami
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figma - Muv-Luv : Sumika Kagami

figma - Muv-Luv : Sumika Kagami

5  Dienstag, 04. August 2015

This is considered by many the best figma ever made in existence. She used to be an XBOX 360 exclusive that came with the Limited Edition of Muv-Luv Alternative, but now she's out of her cockpit and ready to give her ahoge-love all for you. Every detail regarding Sumika's design is crafted with top-notch Max Factory craftsmanship, and the myriad of in-game poses you can display her in is enough to make you go grab a copy of Muv-Luv Alt, just so you can see what her coquettishness is all about. She comes with her signature bunny plushie and a heart shaped alternative hair piece. She truly is considered by many amongst the Sci-Fi community, the best figma pilot-girl ever made... dare I say even superior in artistry than plugsuit Rei. Don't wait for the BETA to have her way with her, and go rescue Sumika!

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