Review by Jonatan : Transformers: Prime - AM-16 Jet Beacon
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Transformers: Prime - AM-16 Jet Beacon

Transformers: Prime - AM-16 Jet Beacon

5  Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013
von Jonatan  Finland  

The PRiD Vehicon figure was awesome, but leave it to Takara to take something awesome, and make it even better.

Jet Vehicon is an extensive retool of the PRiD Vehicon mold, and at the moment, a japan exclusive. Starting off in vehicle mode, we have a gorgeously black flying car, very cybertronian in design. It's a low, sleek machine with aggresively forward sweeping wings. There are some silver details stickers on the wings and the front, along with a decepticon sticker for a "hood ornament".

Transformation is essentially the same as the regular Vehicon. First, unclip the wings, rotate them back 180 degrees, and fold them back. Then pull out and pull back the side panels. Then rotate the front side sections slightly up, and swing the entire roof forward. Rotate the front side sections all the way up, split the roof, then fold then the roof into the windscreen, and the wind screen into the hood. Fold the feet out from under the leg panel, and swing the legs around and tabthem in. Rotate the front portion of the arm panel outward 90 degrees, then rotate then panel agin, this time at the balljoint inside, and extend the arms and fol out the hands. Finally, pull up on the back bumper to reveal the head, fold the bumper back, and pose the wings how you like.

In robot mode, Jet vehicon lives up to it's predecesoors fame by just eing awesome. The new vehicle shell and wings give the figure a unique, spiky silhouette that fits the soulless soldier well. Some new stickers are present to add details to the legs and waist, while a decpticon symbol goes on his chest. An easy modification allows the decpticon sticker to go under the chest window, if one cooses to do so.

Articulation is very good, with a ball joint in the neck and shoulders. A ball joint, hinge, and swivel in each elbow, and a hinge in the wrists. Hips are ball jointed, and have a swivel below them. Knees and feet are hinged.

Jet Vehicon also comes with the Arms Micron Igu, who is a robot iquana with a single red eye. Igu is actually a retool of the Micron that came with AM Vehicon. The micron is a dark, charcoal gray, with some silver and purple stickers for detail. It transforms into the vehicons standard shilded blaster weapon.

Final thoughts: There is very little I can find wrong in this figure, perhaps the only one being that Hasbro could not release the figure, making a character who was essentially designed for army building, a very pricy option. I still highly recommend this figure if you can find it at retail price.

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