Review by Elton : Gundam HG Gundam Exia 1/144
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Gundam HG Gundam Exia 1/144

Gundam HG Gundam Exia 1/144

4  Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2009
von Elton  India  

It was quite by chance that I picked up this kit. I heard these kits don't need glue (they are 'snap-fit) and don't need a paint job to complete (though a paint job 'improves' their appearance) and I think... perfect! Opening the box, you're greeted with a LOT of parts. For me, it looked like a 3D jigsaw puzzle with an instruction sheet. After 4 hours spread over 3 days, I had my first HG 1:144 Gundam ready. The final piece is amazing... and if you hadn't assembled it yourself, you wouldn't believe that it is assembled in the first place.

There is an obvious difference between the images on the box and the color sheets, but that's mainly because those show off the model with paints and pen detailing. Even so, I think that the un-coloured version has plenty of show and posing value and doesn't look 'incomplete' in any way. I've added a couple of photos that emulate the poses on the box to show the difference in appearance.

There are some flaws with this kit which include:
1. The 'part' / panel between the torso and the arm doesn't not fit satisfyingly. While it stays put, it does tend to pop loose as you try to pose the arms.
2. The white part on the front of the shield is actually a sticker and not plastic. I found it a bit annoying to get the sticker into a satisfying postion.
3. The BEAM SWORD! This is Gundam Exia, the seven swords Gundam, but it comes with 1 uncoloured beam sword.
4. The GN swords refuse to stay on the Exia's hips and will pop out when posing. I've just started posing it without the hip swords and it looks just fine.

The negatives are just minor and don't really hurt the completed model. Get this one if you are a swordbot fan!

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