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Louise Zero no Tsukaima Goth Punk ver.


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  • Code: 5248
  • Auf Japanisch: ゼロの使い魔 三美姫の輪舞 ルイズ ゴスパンクVer.
  • JAN: 4560228202083
  • Gewicht: 0.359kg
  • Paketgröße: 14cm x 25cm x 14cm
  • Hergestellt von: Alter
  • Freigabetermin: Samstag, 02. Mai 2009

Louise (, Ruizu)

Louise Françoise de la Bamue le Blanc de la Vallière, third daughter of the noble family La Vallière who owns the north-eastern territory of Tristain, is the main female character. She is a second year student at the Tristain Academy of Magic. Louise is a terrible mage who is often scorned by her fellow classmates because every spell she casts fails, so she is nicknamed "Louise the Zero" after her zero success rate and zero attributes. This has led her to be very bitter and in the way she treats her future familiar Saito to an even cruel extent.

She initially treats Saito like a dog, making him lie on a straw bed, and even getting naked in front of him. She also makes him dress her and wash all of her clothes (including her underwear). As is typical of Rie Kugimiya's voice roles as tsundere type characters, Louise at first hates Saito, but because of various situations, grows fond of him, even falling in love with him. Even so, when he gets (momentously determined by Louise to be) perverted thoughts about other girls and when she is jealous of or mad at him, she beats him with a whip and later gets into the habit of kicking him in the groin from behind on multiple occasions or blowing up Saito with magic. In one instance, she beat him for hours until he had wounds all over his body (though somehow, all the wounds would always disappear on a later scene) and later on buys a more brutal type of whip. All this is intended in a comical manner and is seen more as the story progresses.

Later it is revealed that Louise's failure in performing magic of any of the four basic attributes is because, in fact, her magical affinity is with the rare and powerful Void element, hence being known as the Void Wizard since then. This relies, at first, on the cooperation of Saito's ability to trigger it, even though they do not get along.

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5  Freitag, 24. Mai 2013
von DNWA  Russia  

She is beautiful!!Great job.Pearl of my collection!!

5  Donnerstag, 07. März 2013
von Vitaliy  Ukraine  

It was my first figure. Everything in it is perfect. Totally worth it.

5  Samstag, 20. März 2010
von dePortago  France  

Louise de La Vallière surprise à Versailles.
Photo d'une jolie figurine prise avec mon téléphone portable.

Zeige 1 bis 3 (von 3 Bewertungen)


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