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K-ON! - Yui Hirasawa 1/8 Scale Figure


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  • Code: 21346
  • Auf Japanisch: けいおん! 平沢 唯 (1/8スケールPVC塗装済み完成品)
  • JAN: 0798256874109, 4560228202335
  • Gewicht: 0.3kg
  • Paketgröße: 14cm x 25cm x 16cm
  • Hergestellt von: Alter
  • Freigabetermin: Samstag, 24. April 2010

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4  Freitag, 22. Juli 2016
von Simon  United Kingdom  

Figure came in excellent condition! thanks plamoya

5  Freitag, 08. Juli 2016
von Max  United Kingdom  

This figure is absolutely perfect, I cannot fault it in anyway, Yui herself, the base, Giita, heck even the box she came in was absolutely sublime.

Some of the more specific details I found with this figure compared to others I've seen are:
- Incredible care put into shading and highlights.
- Detailing on the guitar to the degree where each screw is moulded and there are actual strings on it!
- The eyes look like they were taken straight from the anime.
- The mouth is multiple shades with teeth and everything (a bit weirdly specific but it just goes to show the detailing and care put into this figure).

This Yui figure is phenomenal and I can't describe or show pictures any better than the images you already see above. She is of a similar price yet much higher caliber than any other figure I've seen of Yui and the shipping/import costs are more than compensated by actually being able to own this figure

I would definitely recommend this figure and thanks to her and Azusa I'm definitely going to be getting the rest of the collection, all of which can be found on this online store.

YUI - http://plamoya.com/en/kon-yui-hirasawa-1per8-scale-figure-p-21346.html
MUGI - http://plamoya.com/en/kon-tsumugi-kototbuki-1per8-scale-figure-p-25355.html
RITSU - http://plamoya.com/en/ritsu-tainaka-1per8-pvc-p-27161.html?cPath=1045
MIO - http://plamoya.com/en/kon-akiyama-mio-pvc-figure-1per8-scale-p-19881.html
NADOKA - http://plamoya.com/en/kon-nodoka-manabe-pvc-figure-p-59346.html?cPath=1045
UI (with MATTARI YUI) - http://plamoya.com/en/kon-ui-hirasawa-1per8-scale-figure-wper-mattari-yui-p-32188.html?cPath=1045

5  Montag, 13. April 2015
von Chris  United States  

Almost looks like she is holding a real Les Paul guitar. I am very happy with the detail put into her and Guita!

5  Dienstag, 06. August 2013
von Umberto  Italy  

Yui Hirasawa, relased by Alter, is one of the cutest figure I have.
The figure is very well painted and detailed, expressing well Yui's happiness.
The best point of this figure is the guitar. The guitar is very detailed and Yui's fingers really press Ghita strings.
Guitar's body is very well painted, its body seems to be made from wood truly.
Same level of detail is available on the school uniform, which is painted very well.
Yui's face, one of the most important part of this figure, is really expressive: her big eyes and her opened mouth express very well her personality, it seems she's going to singing.
I've waited years to get this figure, and now I'm very glad that I bought it!

4  Mittwoch, 06. März 2013
von Tyler  United States  

Cute and energetic looking. She's a great addition

Zeige 1 bis 5 (von 5 Bewertungen)


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