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World of Tanks Type 59 (Plastic Model Kit)
RUB3,594.28  RUB1,630.17
Скидка: 55%

Iraqi Armed Forces YW-701A Armored Rescue Vehicle (Plastic model)
RUB2,602.76  RUB1,249.16
Скидка: 52%

German Tank Repair Crew (Plastic model)
RUB2,230.93  RUB1,170.55
Скидка: 48%

Aoshima - 1/72 R/C VS Tank Type 10 Tank (A) (RC Model)
RUB2,974.58  RUB1,627.87
Скидка: 45%

Aoshima - 1/72 R/C VS Tank Type 10 Tank (B) (RC Model)
RUB2,974.58  RUB1,765.58
Скидка: 41%

Defender 110 Hard Top (Plastic model)
RUB2,974.58  RUB1,778.78
Скидка: 40%

Chinese Army Four-Wheel-Drive (Plastic model)
RUB2,974.58  RUB1,834.44
Скидка: 38%

Valkyria Chronicles 2 Gallian Royal Military Academy : Aliasse
RUB12,270.14  RUB7,617.20
Скидка: 38%

1/35 Land-Wasser-Schlepper, WWII
RUB6,692.80  RUB4,175.54
Скидка: 38%

Competitive IR tanks simulate M1A2 Abrams
RUB4,015.45  RUB2,610.22
Скидка: 35%

Soviet BTR-60P Armored Personnel Carrier (Plastic model)
RUB3,594.28  RUB2,385.29
Скидка: 34%

Tamiya 1/35 B1 bis (German Army) Model Kit - 35287
RUB3,222.46  RUB2,177.57
Скидка: 32%

Churchill Mk.IV TLC TYPE-A (w/Carpet laying devices)
RUB4,337.93  RUB2,949.91
Скидка: 32%

German Military Car Type 170V Open car 1936 (Plastic model)
RUB2,788.67  RUB1,917.07
Скидка: 31%

German 18-Ton Heavy Half-Track Tank Transporter
RUB8,180.09  RUB5,652.50
Скидка: 31%

SEAL TEAM SIX 'DEVGRU' Elite Force (1/6 Action Figure)
RUB24,788.16  RUB17,207.12
Скидка: 31%

RUB805.62  RUB560.60
Скидка: 30%

German Land-Wasser Schlepper II-Upgrade
RUB3,408.37  RUB2,385.29
Скидка: 30%

Dragon - Jagdpanther Ausf.G1 Early Production (Plastic Model Kit)
RUB4,585.81  RUB3,211.56
Скидка: 30%

Merkava ARV (Plastic model)
RUB4,957.63  RUB3,486.98
Скидка: 30%

Soviet BRDM-2 Early Type 'Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle'
RUB2,974.58  RUB2,109.86
Скидка: 29%

Soviet Armed Forces Heavy Assault Gun ISU-152-2 BL-10
RUB3,470.34  RUB2,464.47
Скидка: 29%

German Le.Pz.Sp.Wg (Sd.Kfz.221) Early
RUB3,718.22  RUB2,674.48
Скидка: 28%

German Tiger I Tank Late Ver.
RUB3,408.37  RUB2,454.14
Скидка: 28%

U.S. Cargo Truck 6X6 M561 Gama Goat (Plastic model)
RUB1,611.23  RUB1,160.80
Скидка: 28%

IDF APC Nagmachon (Doghouse II) (Plastic Model Kit)
RUB4,833.69  RUB3,486.98
Скидка: 28%

U.S.Army M65 Atomic Cannon 280mm
RUB4,833.69  RUB3,486.98
Скидка: 28%

GAZ-66 Type I
RUB4,833.69  RUB3,486.98
Скидка: 28%

Krupp Protze Kfz.70 German Army Eastern Front 1941 (Diecast model)
RUB4,833.69  RUB3,486.98
Скидка: 28%

WW.II Canadian Army Sexton II Late Production
RUB3,594.28  RUB2,605.63
Скидка: 28%

GAZ-AAA w/Shelter - Mini Art (Plastic Model Kit)
RUB3,842.17  RUB2,790.96
Скидка: 27%

Tamiya 1/35 British Centaur Mk.IV w/95mm Howitzer
RUB2,045.02  RUB1,486.72
Скидка: 27%

Ding-Hao - T-34/85 BATTLE OF BERLIN, 1945 (Plastic Model Kit)
RUB3,842.17  RUB2,798.42
Скидка: 27%

Soviet BM-21[Grad] Early Type (Plastic model)
RUB4,833.69  RUB3,521.98
Скидка: 27%

Tamiya 1/35 Israeli Merkava MBT
RUB1,735.17  RUB1,264.66
Скидка: 27%

M1A1 Abrams 1991 - Rye Field Model (Plastic Model Kit)
RUB4,213.99  RUB3,073.85
Скидка: 27%

Russian BRDM-2 [Late]
RUB2,602.76  RUB1,903.29
Скидка: 27%

1/24 Ferrari 360 Modena TAM24298
RUB1,983.05  RUB1,454.01
Скидка: 27%

1/35 Sturmgeschultz III Ausf.G Finnish Army
RUB2,045.02  RUB1,499.91
Скидка: 27%

Tamiya 1/35 German Krupp Towing Truck w/37mm Pak
RUB1,735.17  RUB1,283.59
Скидка: 26%

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