Review by Ragin Ronin : Transformers Revenge of The Fallen - Auotbot - Armorhide
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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen - Auotbot - Armorhide

Transformers Revenge of The Fallen - Auotbot - Armorhide

4  Thursday 01 September, 2011
by Ragin Ronin  Canada  

When I first saw Armorhide's robot mode in photos, I felt that they took the elements that made Generation 1 toys great and also the unique and complex designs of the Movie universe. So it was kind of like the best of both worlds. In the bottom half of Armorhide, you see that the legs resemble that of most G1 Autobots because they resemble strength and muscle from its width and bulkiness. In the top half, you can see that the toy designers really took elements from the designs of the movies and really simplified it just enough so that you can maintain the detail but still have a semi-simple transformation.-

And it is the transformation that makes this figure a must have especially for people that are not used to the complicated transformations of the movie designs because they taken the traditional, "car-hood-is-th-e-robots-chest" design just like in G1. The hips and arms are made up mostly of ball joints which allow for dynamic poseability.

He doesn't come with much accessories other than his top turret but overall, he is a great figure especially since his vehicular form appeared in the first movie. This is a must have.

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